3D Effect Lettering

Application Overview

This is a great way to create a 3D effect from your window signage without having to pay for expensive ‘built-up letter’ solutions.

The main background poster (or perforated film if you want to see through the poster from inside) is printed and internally applied to the window.

The graphic has headline text that requires ‘stand-out’. This text is contour cut and removed from the main poster. Once applied in position on the inside of the window the solid vinyl letters are applied to the outside of the glass. These should be positioned in exact registration to the internal graphic.

The result is a fantastic 3D effect which becomes apparent as you move left to right in front of the window. The thickness of the glass makes the solid letters appear as if they are spaced away from the glass and is a highly effective way to capture the eye.

The 3D effect signage pictured is an example of a solid poster, but the effect can be created using perforated window film with the additional benefit of being able to see through the main graphic from inside the building.