Project Lifetime Value

Project Lifetime Value: Continual cost savings

Deciding which brand of perforated window film to purchase to create the very best window graphics, is an important one. Specifiers can often be tempted into buying the cheapest material in order to save money but this initial benefit is short lived - a false economy. 

Investing in Contra Vision perforated window film is a smart decision; it’s the choice of professionals the world over, because it delivers exceptional value across the lifetime of the project and can save customers up to 25% on overall project costs. 

Contra Vision perforated vinyl delivers stunning printed results. It’s patented Grayliner allows printers to ‘get it right first time’ ensuring colours are bright and vibrant. Specialist adhesives keep the window graphics firmly in place during the campaign but allow a clean, quick removal with minimal tearing and the sticky residue that can be left behind by inferior products.

1. Create: achieve your vision

Contra Vision®  offers the world's widest range of perforated film, providing unlimited design options suitable for every application. In addition, it provides the necessary tools to help you choosing the right product and colours.

2. Print: right first time

Contra Vision® products allow you to achieve spectacular results across a wide range of print technologies and Contra Vision® Grayliner™ ensures colours are right first time. The replacement liner is another Contra Vision® patented invention that allows you to achieve the best results on most types of printers.

3. Install: trouble-free

The simplest installation process, suitable for both inside or outside situations in both high and low temperatures.

4. On window: peace of mind

Outstanding adhesion technology you can rely on, ensuring great looking results for the entire duration of the project. Contra Vision® provides the Transparency Guide to help you choosing the right type of product. In addition, it offers different durability options, Performance or Campaign. 

5. Remove: quick and clean

Contra Vision products are characterized by excellent removal qualities means minimal tearing, without the adhesive residue you can get from other films.