Contra Vision® Grayliner™ is a patented improvement to perforated window films, making it easier than ever to produce outstanding see-through graphics. The colour matches the 70% monochromatic gray tone which is typically visible through the perforations on a window. It is the perfect background to view trial prints and to help print operators with color matching and quality assurance during production.

The graphics on a conventional white or clear liner can appear “washed out” and may not be accepted by the customer, creating the temptation to use excessive amounts of ink which can damage the performance of perforated window films.

In other cases the printed image can appear artificially strong if the liner absorbs ink within the perforations, leading to unrealistic expectations and disappointment when the film is installed.                                                                                                                          

Contra Vision® Grayliner™ complements the exacting standards of our White on Black and Translucent White perforated window films. Every feature is specifically designed to give optimum performance and reliability based on 30 years’ experience and continuous innovation. 

Contra Vision® Grayliner™ is available in different liner technologies to optimise printing on Solvent, Latex and UV Machines.

Replacement Liner: Contra Vision® Replacement Liner offers unrivalled printability and window adhesion for Solvent and Latex platforms. It is constructed with a precision “lay flat” liner (including a silicone release coating) which offers two significant advantages.

Firstly the liner construction does not include a layer of perforated paper on top of the liner which can absorb moisture and curl the material. This ensures the perforated window film lays flat on the print bed and the graphics are printed as intended.

Secondly the lay flat liner ensures the adhesive spreads out and settles evenly across the base of the window film. This minimises the “silvering effect” which is sometimes visible when perforated window films are applied to a window, which is caused by areas of low adhesion.

Contra Vision® Replacement Liner is not suitable for UV inkjet.

Universal Liner:
Contra Vision® Universal Liner (also called Additional Liner) is suitable for use with all printing technologies, including UV inkjet. We believe our extensive testing and optimisation of liner thickness and construction makes Contra Vision® Universal Liner a best in class for this type liner. This ensures the best printability and window adhesion for printers who prefer to use UV inkjet platforms.

 Please contact your local supplier for details of the liner and product options.