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Contra Vision® Perforated Window Films for Printing

At Contra Vision we offer an unrivaled range of perforated window films. Every window and every project is different and that's why we have a range of films that perfectly suit every application.

Contra Vision® Performancerange

Signature range of perforated vinyl window film from the inventors of one-way vision graphics. A robust and durable product formulation with innovative features, reflecting over 35 years' experience and specialism in one-way vision graphics. Manufactured to exacting standards to give excellent printability and quick & clean removal.

The Performance range includes:


Contra Vision® Campaignrange

Our range of perforated window films suitable for short-term promotional campaigns. Contra Vision® Campaign™ products retain many high quality features at very competitive prices, making it the market leader for this category of product.

The Campaign range includes:


We have put together a simple guide detailing our full range of perforated window films. You can download this PDF by clicking on this link

A wide range of transparency options

Contra Vision offers a wide range of transparency options for its white on black perforated window films:

20% (80/20): Maximum image strength with adequate see-through for large static windows
30% (70/30):
Great image impact on retail windows with improved see-through
40% (60/40): Most popular option, with a good balance between image impact and through-vision
50% (50/50): Maximum see-through experience from inside the window.

Project Lifetime Value

Contra Vision® products incorporate a range of innovative features which enable outstanding results and cost savings at each stage in your project.

1. Creative Process: The world's widest range of perforated window films, providing unlimited design options suitable for every application

2. Print Production: Spectacular results across a wide range of print technologies and Contra Vision® Grayliner™ensures colours are right first time

3. Installation: The simplest installation process, suitable for both inside and outside situations in both high and low temperatures 

4. On window: Outstanding adhesion technology you can rely on, ensuring great looking results for the entire duration of the project

5. Removal: Excellent removal qualities means minimal tearing, without the adhesive residue you can get from other films

Contra Vision products deliver real value across the entire project lifetime and can save customers up to 25% on overall project costs.

 Find out more about our PROJECT LIFETIME VALUE here. 


Liner options and roll widths for all printing technologies

First impressions count with Contra Vision® Grayliner™. The grey colour visible through the perforated holes creates a realistic background to show how the printed image will really look on a window. It avoids the washed out appearance created by a white liner and is available in two varieties:

Universal Liner: Can be used with all printing technologies including UV inkjet
Replacement Liner: Patented lay flat liner offers unrivalled printability and window adhesion for Solvent and Latex machines.

We offer rolls in a wide range of widths and lengths, starting from 10metres/30 feet long and both 1.37m/54" and 1.52m/60" widths.