*Please note: This product is currently available to UK customers only

Switchable Glass

Switchable glass offers instant (less than 1 second switch time) privacy, transitioning from transparent to opaque, at a press of a button.

Key features

It works by applying a small electric current to a liquid crystal center, this causes the liquid crystals to align in such a way that when switched on, light is able to pass through the glass, and thus gives clear through-vision form both inside and outside.

When the glass is switched off, the liquid crystal layer is no longer aligned, making the glass opaque to provide privacy when you need it, for both inside and outside, without the need for blinds or curtains. Switchable glass is available in a range of sizes, thicknesses, and as single, double or triple glazing, please contact us for further information.

In addition to the switchable glass product, there is also the option of switchable film, this film works by the same principles as switchable glass, but it has a self-adhesive cling layer on one side and is dry applied so it can be retrofitted to existing glass, or transparent surfaces with ease. The film is also very easy to maintain and clean by using low pressure compressed air, and a soft bristled cleaning/dusting brush. Soft IPA wipes can also be used.

Switchable film is available in two standard width sizes – 1000mm (38.6”) and 1200mm (47.3”). For larger areas, multiple sheets can be joined together. The films can be cut to any size at the factory, custom shapes and sizes are also available. Please contact us for more information.


Switchable glass and films can be used in an array of applications, in a range of industries and sectors. Windows, floors, doors and door panels, offering switchable privacy externally and internally, or for decorative use.

  • Product displays and product reveals: add eye-catching and memorable elements to your displays.
  • Museums and exhibitions: couple with motion sensors for example, to allow for perfectly timed reveals.
  • Healthcare privacy pods: Contra Vision Switchable Glass is easy to clean, making them more hygienic than traditional blinds or curtains, whilst providing switchable privacy.
  • Offices:  provide instant privacy when needed, and its use isn’t limited to offices, it can be utilised in laboratories, manufacturing sites or storage rooms for example.
  • Hospitality: enhance spaces within in hotels, bars and restaurants.


  • Contra Vision Switchable Glass, when switched off (opaque) provides a white surface perfect for projecting onto whether it be for functional purposes, such as presentations, advertising, or displaying videos and games, or for more decorative purposes.