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24/7 Privacy Glass Panels

Contra Vision has developed a solution which offers strong 24/7 privacy without blocking the view from inside a building. The product incorporates energy efficient LED edge lighting which maintains privacy at night time.


We receive many requests from architects, building contractors and homeowners for a one-way vision privacy product which works 24/7 (both day and night). Conventional privacy products work well during daytime but at night they cannot prevent the view into buildings, when the inside is illuminated.

As the pioneers in one-way vision technology, Contra Vision® has developed a new system which can satisfy the requirements for 24/7 privacy.  We are currently seeking to work with developers, architects, specifiers and homeowners who want to use this unique technology in their latest projects.

Product details

The basic product construction includes the following key components:

  • Contra Vision® Ceramic XR toughened glass printed with a one-way vision dot pattern. From the outside the dot pattern is white and blocks the view inside during daytime. From inside the dots are coloured black and allow excellent see-through.
  • Energy efficient LED strips are applied to the glass edges and secured within the frame. At night the LEDs are activated, shining light through the glass which then reflects off the white dots. This blocks the view through the glass from outside. The LEDs can be automatically activated when the internal lighting is switched on or when the light levels outside become dark.


Contra Vision® 24/7 Privacy Glass Panels™ should be installed by professionals and an electrical supply is required. At least one dimension (height or width) of the glass panel must be 600mm (2 feet) or less to ensure maximum privacy with current LED specifications.

The product is ideal for front door panels, bathroom windows or hotel rooms.

We are interested to hear about any UK based projects where 24/7 one-way vision privacy is required. Please contact us at if you are interested to work with us or to ask us any questions related to your project.

Alternative Options for 24/7 privacy

You may also want to consider the following options which can provide some privacy at night depending on the lighting arrangement.

  • Perforated White Obscured Vision film. This works like a net curtain during daytime to offer privacy. At night the product offers some privacy when it illuminates with the back lighting from inside the building. To get the best results the internal lighting must be diffused and no obvious lighting sources should be visible which would be seen from outside. Curtains or blinds are still needed to ensure complete privacy.
  • Outside illuminated glass. In combination with any Contra Vision® Privacy Window Film product which offers daytime privacy, night time privacy can be maintained by shining a powerful floodlight at the outside of the window.
  • Contra Vision® Switchable glass This offers privacy or see-through at the switch of a button, 24/7. However, the product is either on or off and does not provide one-way vision.