Architectural Products

  • Contra Vision® XR Ceramic™

    screen printed glass for one-way vision privacy, solar control and decorative effects

  • Contra Vision® Printed Interlayers™

    for laminated glass provide additional design options

  • Printed window films

    offer a non-permanent solution to enhancing glass with Contra Vision® effects

Contra Vision printed dots are white or coloured on the outside of glass to provide one-way vision decorative effects, privacy, solar control and manifestation. From the inside the dots are black which allows excellent see-through. 

Introduction and benefits

There are many benefits from adding white or coloured dots to the outside of glass including:

  • reduce solar heat gain, glare, UV radiation and air conditioning costs inside buildings;
  • incorporate colour and signature architectural features to building facades;
  • privacy to people inside;
  • increased glass manifestation including a reduction in bird collisions; and
  • a screen for digital projections on the side of buildings.

However, white or coloured dots disrupt the see-through experience from inside the building, making the outside world appear milky and grey. The secret of Contra Vision is being able to print a second layer or dots exactly on top of a first layer without any discernible overlap. This means the opaque dots can be black on the inside which is much less noticeable to the eye. The black dots absorb rather than reflect light and are dominated by the view through the window.

Products and applications

Contra Vision is available in three technologies:

Our products are used in building facades, curtain walls, internal partitions, signage, doors, and other areas of glass (see our applications page).

Exact registration printing of two layers of dots

Our exact registration printing (internationally patented) ensures there is no overlapping colour in the dots which is visible from the other side. Exact registration printing cannot be achieved with standard digital, digital ceramic and screen printing technologies. If the dots are not printed with exact registration then the outside window can appear dirty and the view from inside is blurred and disorientating.

Design options

The design possibilities are limitless with several variables to consider including:

  • Size of dots: we specialise in printing small dots around 1mm diameter but larger dot sizes can also be specified;
  • Transparency: the density of the dot pattern can be varied to give the desired level of solar control, privacy and see-through;
  • Colours: white is the most common option for building facades but a wide range of colours are possible including metallics;
  • Graphics: multiple colours, graphics and images can also be incorporated into the design;
  • Alternative print patterns: other print patterns including lines and hexagons can be chosen instead of dots for some Contra Vision printing technologies.


Architectural Case Studies