• Stratford Station Building Wrap

    Contra Vision® Perforated Window Film™

    Contra Vision offers an unrivalled range of Perforated Window Films (Perforated Vinyl) for every situation and printing technology, from the inventor of one-way vision graphics over 35 years ago. Our Perforated Films include innovative features which deliver value add and cost savings throughout the project lifecycle.

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    White On Black Close Up Square
  • London Eye 45

    Unperforated Window Film

    Introducing CL50YYR Ultra Clear, a polyester window film for UV digital printing, incorporating a removable adhesive. The product is designed for printers, brands, retailers and designers who want to create window graphics which are seen from both sides of the window and/or incorporate areas of see-through/translucence. It can be used for “see-around” graphics which block out sections of the window or see-through graphics with Contra Vision® <em>Impress</em>™. 

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  • London Eye

    Contra Vision® Impress™

    Contra Vision® <em>Impress</em>™ is our patented method for digitally printing one-way vision and see-through graphics onto clear non-perforated materials such as window film. The method can be used on most large format digital printing machines and provides many creative design options as an alternative to conventional perforated window films.

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    Translucent White Window Film
  • Ceramic Frit 4

    Architectural Products

    Contra Vision printed dots are white or coloured on the outside of glass to provide one-way vision decorative effects, privacy, solar control and manifestation. From the inside the dots are black which allows excellent see-through.

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    Red Ceramic Frit
  • Privacy Window Film On A House

    Privacy Window Films

    Contra Vision® Privacy Window Films™ are an attractive and clever way to hide the view into rooms, with applications in the home and at work. The one-way vision from inside the building is excellent and natural light is allowed into the room. The films are available in plain white or decorative designs to enhance the appearance of your building and also provide solar control benefits.

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  • Contra Vision Digital LED Screen

    Contra Vision® Digital LED™

    Contra Vision® Digital LED™ is a revolutionary see-through digital LED video screen that doesn't block sunlight and allows through-vision from the inside out.

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    Contra Vision Digital LED Screen