Achieve vibrant and glowing graphics during the daytime with Performance Translucent White…

If you’ve ever wanted to experience window graphics that really stand out, you need to try Contra Vision® Performance™ Translucent White perforated window film.

Lighting can be difficult in the autumn & winter months. Graphics that would normally have daytime ‘pop’ can often look washed out or lose impact as lighting levels change throughout the day.

Performance Translucent White has a base film that is white on both sides, unlike most perforated window films which are black on the reverse.

The white base layer allows any internal light (natural or artificial) to pass through the graphics and perforations resulting in image extra ‘pop’ and a daytime glow when viewed by passers-by.

Translucent White allows graphics to ‘pop’ during the daytime and the view out is still remarkably good

However, there’s more than one reason to use Translucent White though…

In the evenings and night, most perforated window graphics become almost invisible especially if the lighting inside the building is brighter than outside. This is because the internal light, burns through the graphics and the viewer can only see the light coming through the film. The image on the graphics is barely seen.

Performance Translucent White stops this happening because the white base layer allows the light to pass though the film (not just the perforations), helping to back light the printed graphics.

Along with 30% transparency Performance Translucent White is part of our exclusive range of high-definition perforated films.

Featuring 1mm holes, Translucent White HD delivers minimal disruption to the graphics, allows for fine detail and text produces stunning daytime images to one side and from the other the smoothest see-through compared to any other perforated window films available.

Internal lighting is key to getting the best results with Translucent White click here to view our lighting guide

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Translucent White, for stand out graphics during the hours of darkness