Would you rather have a store front that promotes your products or a shop that has natural lighting and windows you can see through? Well with Contra Vision® perforated window films you do not have to choose just one, you can have both.

Opaque window graphics can block out daylight coming into the store and create a claustrophobic, uncongenial environment. Using one-way vision graphics alleviates the lighting issue whilst enabling you to promote your products in prime footfall areas.

Take the shop fronts done for Swindon Designer Outlet as an example. Voodoo DesignWorks, a sign company based in the north of Bristol used Performance White on Black in 30% transparency to print the graphics on a HP latex which were applied on to the inside of entrance doors in the outlet. These graphics promoted the outlet without obstructing views from within the shops.

Contra Vision® has an unrivalled range of perforated window films which is why we can recommend the most suitable window film for every different project. The window film that would best suit your shop is dependent on your priorities. If vibrancy of the image is more important for you than visibility, a lower transparency may be preferable.

Perforated window films give you all the benefits of opaque window films without the drawbacks. Such as, reducing solar heat and glare coming into the store which protects products from UV degradation. They provide privacy for customers so they can browse without being stared at by passers-by and can be used to disguise empty retail space.

Contra Vision® perforated window films are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, in hot and cold temperatures and with outstanding adhesion technology, you can trust that your graphic will stay looking great for the duration of your project.

If you wish to remove the perforated window film, it will come off quickly and easily with minimal, if any, tearing and without leaving behind any adhesive residue which you can get from other films.