We can hardly believe it has been 10 years since the Rugby World Cup was held in New Zealand and we first saw these fantastic promotional graphics using Contra Vision™ Performance® White on Black in 30% transparency. Omnigraphics, a specialist out-of-home digital print business produced two iconic building wraps in Auckland to promote the event. We believe these were the first such large scale wraps to be applied in New Zealand.

The first building wrap was for KMPG whose ‘Passionate Partner’ campaign reflected their role in sponsoring the World Cup and was produced by Omnigraphics for their advertising agency, Saatchi and Saatchi. The project was carefully managed to ensure a smooth transition from creation to completion as the specifics of the building required meticulous planning. The whole image comprises 476 individual panels measuring a total of 32.5 metres across and 16.5m high. Abseilers were used to apply the graphics due to the exterior layout of the building.

The client was delighted with the finished product, and it was a timely and striking addition to the cityscape of Auckland. The second large scale wrap, which was by far the biggest seen in New Zealand, was again the result of careful collaboration between the client and their agency. This time Omnigraphics worked closely with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development and their agency Ogilvy to create a building wrap featuring the strapline ‘The World’s Here to Play’ which measures 23 metres across by 53 metres high. This strapline and imagery had also been carried across public transport in Auckland strengthening the message of international collaboration and enjoyment.

Both wraps were printed onto Performance White on Black in 30% transparency. This product was chosen to provide extra vibrancy to the images and give them more ‘pop’, which was essential to the client. Steve Spear, general manager of Omnigraphics commented, ‘the building wraps are superb and the whole process from design, management, production and application went smoothly, the material was easy to print, application was simple and went like a dream. We have been delighted with the outcome and have entered these building wraps into the Contra Vision® 3rd International Artists™ competition.’ We were so thrilled that Contra Vision technology took a key role in promoting this fantastic sporting event.