When an inventor owns a company, innovation and a culture of continual improvement will always be at the core. Contra Vision started with an invention, developed into a worldwide patent and licensing business and finally evolved into manufacture. This journey has imbued the company and its innovation team with invaluable experience and insight, along with a commitment to developing a “best in class” range of products.

Through a commitment to R&D, Contra Vision established the widest range of one-way vision films, utilised for a variety of applications from bus and building wraps to screens for projection mapping, worldwide.  Several early developments resulted in a translucent white or BACKLITE perforated window film which offers greater night-time visibility and an internal mount or applied inside product that makes application considerably easier and cheaper. We continue to develop and evolve products that reflect feedback from our customers who are looking for products which are even faster, cheaper, more reliable or with better through-vision.

As the only company specialising solely on see-through window graphics technologies, we are uniquely placed to develop new and improved product functionality from a design, application and decommissioning perspective. As with any R&D function many suggestions don’t make it past the initial test phase but when genuine improvements in handling, performance or specification evolve into finished products, the process is extremely rewarding.

The new generation of Contra Vision® products was PREVIEWED at FESPA 2017 in May and will be launched at SGIA in October 2017. As many of our customers are attending, this is the ideal opportunity for them to see and feel these technological innovations in person.  Specific details and the products themselves are still under wraps. We are delighted to be showcasing our new generation of Contra Vision® see-through graphics products at SGIA 2017 October 10-12 in New Orleans - why not join us on booth 1819 and see the difference for yourself.