Privacy Films At Home

One-way Window Privacy

Contra Vision® Window Films™ are an attractive and clever way to hide the view into rooms. Graphics, photo images or uniform colours can be added to one side while maintaining a remarkable level of see-through from the other side.

The opportunity:

  • Contra Vision® Privacy Window Films avoid the need for blinds or curtains during the daytime if privacy is an issue. 
  • They also help reduce solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation.
  • The one-way vision from inside the building is excellent and natural light is allowed into the room. 
  • Contra Vision® Privacy Window Films continue to allow a view outside even at night time, when traditional reflective window films turn into mirrors on the inside.
  • The films are available in plain white, reflective chrome or a selection of decorative designs to enhance your building. There are versions which can be applied to either the inside or the outside of windows.


Window Privacy at Home

A plain white Contra Vision® Privacy Window Film is a discreet way to shield the view into your home. Many people prefer the look compared with reflective mirrored films. The view from inside is excellent both day and night.

Window Privacy at Work

Kings College London wanted to promote their brand and illustrious alumni on a busy street, without losing the valuable daylight in the study rooms behind. Inside the students and workers benefit from privacy without having to use blinds to shut out the street.

Privacy in Meeting Rooms

Saab applied Contra Vision® XR Window Film (non-perforated) inside their car showrooms. Bespoke images were used on internal partitions to enliven spaces and to shield the view into offices.