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Decorative Architectural Glass

Glass has become a dominating feature of modern architecture and design. Contra Vision® products enable architects and designers to enhance glass with decorative effects and to achieve one-way privacy, solar control and manifestation.

The opportunity:

  • Enhance the outside of glass with a “one-way vision” decorative effect ranging from a single colour, frosted or etched glass, stained glass or even a reproduction of a graphic or photo image.
  • From the inside, the decorative effect cannot be seen and the view out remains excellent.
  • The transparency and print pattern of the graphics can be varied to meet the architect’s requirements for image strength, privacy, solar control and manifestation.
  • Contra Vision® Printed Interlayers™ for laminated glass are a durable architectural solution, printed on a clear polyester film using our secret Contra Vision® XR™ technology. All that can be seen from the inside is a pattern of tiny black dots which are hardly noticeable.
  • Contra Vision® Toughened Glass™ is another permanent solution for buildings. The one-way vision effect is achieved by screen-printing a pattern of ceramic frit dots which are then fired into the glass.
  • Alternatively, Contra Vision® Window Films™ provide a solution if you wish to change the design over time.
  • Contra Vision® can be used on building facades as well as internal partitions and doors.

Decorative Glass Curtain Walling

Contra Vision® Printed Interlayers were used within the laminated glass façade of the W Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. The blue circles add a striking and modern character to the building but are invisible from the inside.

Contra Vision® Coloured Glass

Contra Vision® architectural glass products can be found on buildings across the world. Vertical columns of metallic gold add sparkle to the Foster + Partners designed 50 UN Plaza, New York, while preserving the through-vision for the residents inside.

Building Wraps

Contra Vision® Performance in a 40% transparency was used to provide colourful window graphics for the newly built Montreal hospital.  The building wrap helps to provide a feeling of joy and wellbeing without blocking the patients’ view from inside the hospital. The graphic can be seen from miles away and has helped turn the building into a local landmark.