Architecture And Interior Design

Glass Enhancement

Glass has become a dominating feature of modern architecture and design. Contra Vision® products enable architects and designers to enhance glass with decorative effects or signage and to achieve one-way privacy, solar control and manifestation. We offer a range of solutions including architectural glass products for permanent applications and window films if you wish to change the design over time. Contra Vision can be used on building facades as well as internal partitions and doors.

A great advantage of glass is how it allows natural light to penetrate deeper within buildings. It also changes and enhances the spacial dynamics of buildings. However, large expanses of glass can present challenges to both the internal and external environments:

  • managing solar heat gain and glare inside buildings
  • the need for privacy inside buildings
  • glass dominated buildings can lack character to some people's eyes
  • accidental collisions, both people and also bird life

Contra Vision offers a unique mixture of benefits to enhance glass in many different situations.


Curtain Walling

Contra Vision® Laminated Glass™ was used to enhance the appearance of the W Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. The blue circles are invisible from the inside.


A large building in Europe was covered in over 20,000m2 of Contra Vision® Laminated Glass™ which was built into a louvre system. White dots provide privacy to people inside the building as well as solar control benefits. Exact registration (no overlap) white on black dots can also be achieved using our patented ceramic frit printing method.


Contra Vision® was used on balustrades in Japan to provide privacy without blocking the view.

Internal Partitions

To create privacy and add interest to the considerable amount of glass partitioning installed at Newcastle University, Komfort applied Contra Vision® Perforated Window Film to all the partitions and doors with stunning results.

Internal Doors and Signs

In this installation both doors display a map image on the front but, as this photograph demonstrates, the see-through is maintained from the other side. The doors were produced by laminating Contra Vision® XR™ into the glass.

Signs that direct or inform can be located on existing transparent surfaces or on purpose-made materials without obscuring through vision.

Contra Vision’s Vision Management System™ includes products and technologies which let you promote a different message or design either side of a glazed door without obscuring through vision.