The great advantage of Contra Vision® Sprint™ is that it enables easy installation and repositioning of graphics when required. Posters can also be taken down from the window, stored and reused again later.

The product features Contra Vision® Grayliner™ which solves the problem of prints looking washed out when on a white liner.

White on black perforated PVC facefilm which is REACH compliant avoiding the use of potentially harmful substances.

  • 1.5mm diameter perforations covering 30% area
  • Unlike conventional one-way vision films, the print-receptive adhesive is on the white side.
  • Suitable for eco or low solvent printing only.
  • The maximum recommended size for a Contra Vision® Sprint™ application is AO 33” x 48” (84cm x 120cm).
  • Please refer to the relevant technical data sheets for more information.

Please contact your local supplier for availability of roll lengths and widths, liner types and transparencies.