Features a black perforated backing liner instead of the solid white liner found on conventional perforated window films. This enables the product to be used as a one-way vision advertising banner without having to remove the liner.

Signs can be installed inside a window using suction cups or other display systems. The installation is quick and easy for store staff and the overall solution is very affordable.

The level of through vision from inside is excellent and daylight is not blocked.

Removing the liner turns the sign into a conventional window sticker for one-way vision graphics, for application to the outside of windows.

Printers should also consider Contra Vision® Open™ because it eliminates the possibility of “hole bridging” with UV inkjet equipment. An open gutter system or mesh kit is needed to trap the ink which passes through the open perforations during printing.

Please contact your local supplier for availability of roll lengths and widths, liner types and transparencies.

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Contra Vision® offers a range of products that are designed to support all leading print technologies. If in doubt please contact us for more information.

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30% (70/30)
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