Contra Vision® Campaign offers a number of innovative features including our patented Contra Vision® Grayliner™. Maintains many of the core features of our Contra Vision® Performancerange including a specially designed adhesive which can be applied in low temperatures and is easy to remove afterwards.

White and black perforated window films are used to produce one-way vision graphics. Typically the film is applied to the outside of windows with the graphics facing outwards and the black side facing inwards which allows see-through.

We would recommend Contra Vision® Performance for vehicles, building wraps and longer term applications.

  • Available with either a Premium liner for optimum printing on solvent or latex machines or Universal liner for printing on UV machines.
  • 150 micron monomeric PVC face film giving the best possible printing, application and removal performance for this class of product.
  • Features a clear, solvent acrylic adhesive to give easy, low temperature application, reliable adhesion and clean removal when required.
  • REACH compliant avoiding the use of potentially harmful substances.
  • Please refer to the relevant technical data sheets for more information.
  • Please contact your local supplier for availability of roll lengths and widths, liner types and transparencies.

For more information on how Contra Vision® Campaign™ can work for you, please download the Contra Vision® Perforated Window Film Brochure.