Existing internal or in-store lighting is usually sufficient to create the Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ effect. The impact of the illuminated graphics can be increased by removing point sources of light from directly behind the window and adding spot or flood lights from outside the field of vision.

Contra Vision® Translucent White Perforated Window Film is also an option for indoor settings such as airports and shopping centres, where there is not enough natural light to strongly illuminate the front side of the graphics.

The view out through a translucent white perforated window film is still remarkably good and natural light is allowed into the building.  The eye will tend to focus on the outside view and ignore the ghost image of the print that is visible on the inside of the film. In some settings the ghost image has been used as a design feature to enhance interior décor.

Consideration needs to be made when using Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ graphics that strong sources of  internal lighting at the wrong angle may burn through the graphics, overall you will always see more of the graphics than with conventional white on black perforated films.

Digital Projection

Contra Vision® BACKLITE Performance™ offers an ideal canvas for Digital Projection onto glass, as it provides a projectable surface for the graphics, without losing the natural daylight or the view out of the building during the day. This product enables the projected image to be seen externally and internally at the same time.