Contra Vision® Clear Perforated Window Film can be used for the production of all inside application see-through graphics. The film is suitable for all ink types although white ink is required to back-up the graphics. The design is printed reverse-reading and then backed up with a layer of white ink followed by a layer of black to produce one-way vision see-through graphics.

Graphics applied to the inside of a window have many advantages:

  • they are protected from rainwater, street dirt and vandalism
  • access to the inside of glazing is often easier than to the outside
  • allows for colder weather application

A white layer (without a black layer) produces Contra Vision® BACKLITE™ see-through graphics that are more visible during the hours of darkness with internal illumination.

Inside-applied see-through graphics are not generally suitable for use with tinted glass, which will dull the impact of the graphics. See-through graphics films applied to the outside of windows give the maximum visual impact. They are the simplest and the most cost-effective to produce.

One-way vision inside applied/mount graphics can also be achieved using Contra Vision® Sprint, featuring a remarkable, print receptive adhesive.

Please contact your local supplier for availability of roll lengths and widths, liner types and transparencies.