An 80/20 perforated window film contains holes covering 20% of the area which allow light to pass through. The remaining 80% of the area is a printable PVC surface.

Contra Vision® Perforated Window Films are available in a wide range of transparencies, offering the choice of different degrees of image strength, privacy and apparent ‘tint’ when viewed from the back side. Have a look at our guide to transparencies.

The transparency of the film is determined by the diameter and spacing of the holes in the vinyl.

Lower transparency films such as 20% and 30% create see-through graphics with a greater visual impact. They allow smaller type sizes to be used, better privacy and protection from solar heat gain and UV radiation.

Other factors apart from transparency are important when creating impactful see-through window graphics. The use of striking images with bright, contrasting colours will increase visual impact and privacy within a vehicle or building. One-way see-through graphics are only effective where there is more light on the outside (image side) than on the inside (black side).

Please contact your local supplier for availability of roll lengths and widths, liner types and transparencies.