Contra Vision® Perforated Window Film™ for Printing

The Contra Vision® Perforated Window Film range is comprehensive and by far the largest on the market, enabling the production of see-through graphics with different levels of transparency, for application on the inside or outside of a window, with or without a ‘back-light’ effect at night. It is printable by digital inkjet, solvent, UV-cure and latex, and screen printing equipment.

Our Invention·Your Vision

Our first pioneering inventions of 30 years ago were the starting point for today’s industry in one-way vision window graphics. We pride ourselves on a culture of inventiveness and product development which is continually expanding the possibilities of see-through graphics.

An unrivalled range of see-through graphics products

Every window situation is different and a one-size fits all approach to see-through graphics leads to disappointing results. That is why we have developed an expansive range of products which provide a solution for all locations. The range includes long-term or short-term products, for application to the inside or outside of a window, with a wide choice of transparency levels and also a solution for see-through graphics at night.

First impressions count!

You can count on perforated window films featuring Contra Vision® Grayliner. The grey colour visible through the perforated holes creates a realistic background to show how the printed image will really look on a window. This is just one example of our continuous drive to introduce new product enhancements to improve printability, visual performance, durability, window adhesion and removability.


White on black perforated window films for one-way vision

Contra Vision® Performance
Manufactured to exacting standards, this premium product is durable and offers excellent printability and quick & clean removal.

Contra Vision® Campaign
Economical films which retain a high specification adhesive. Suitable for short term applications such as retail campaigns.

A wide range of transparency options

High transparency 40% (60/40) or 50% (50/50)
To maximise through-vision and daylight inside a building or vehicle. Works best with large or striking graphics.

Low transparency 30% (70/30) or 20% (80/20)
For maximum vibrancy to the printed graphics and maximum privacy. Through-vision is acceptable for most static application.

Inside surface application options

Contra Vision® Clear
A clear perforated window film which requires white ink to print the see-through graphics. Good for cold weather and inaccessible windows.

Contra Vision® Sprint
Remarkable print receptive adhesive which is re-positionable on the window for easy installation. White ink not required.

Contra Vision® Open
A versatile perforated window film which can be installed on either the outside or the inside of a window.

Day and night performance

Contra Vision® BACKLITE™
A translucent white perforated window film allows graphics to be seen in adverse lighting conditions, 24/7. This overcomes a problem faced by conventional (white on black) perforated window film, which suffers from image fading and becomes transparent if the inside is illuminated at night.

Different liner technologies to optimise printing

Replacement Liner
Our patented lay flat (replacement) liner offers unrivalled printability and window adhesion for Solvent and Latex machines.

Universal Liner
Our universal liner can be used with all printing technologies including UV inkjet


Contra Vision® Overlaminates

Optically clear coverings to protect the perforated holes from rainwater, dirt and abrasion.