Contra Vision Printed Interlayer

Contra Vision® Laminated Glass™

Contra Vision® Printed Interlayers™ for laminated glass are suitable for architectural applications requiring the highest durability and performance. The graphics are printed as a dot pattern onto a clear polyester film using our patented Contra Vision® XR™ technology. All that can be seen from the inside is a pattern of tiny black dots which are hardly noticeable.

Laminating a one-way vision interlayer in glass

See-through graphics are printed onto a clear polyester film to provide one-way vision, solar control, privacy and design options to enliven buildings. The film is then sandwiched between adhering interlayers before it is laminated between two glass panels. The product has been used for architectural projects around the world for over 15 years.

Laminated glass provides added safety where impact is a risk (the glass is held in place by the interlayer if it breaks) and is used in many situations including curtain walling, windows and skylight glazing. An additional property of laminated glass for windows is that a PVB and EVA interlayer can block up to 99.9% of UV radiation. Laminated glass is also used to increase the sound insulation rating of a window, where it significantly improves sound attenuation compared to unlaminated glass panes of the same thickness.

White on Black dots

A large number of decorative effects can be achieved with Contra Vision including white on black dots printed in exact registration, meaning there is no overlapping colour visible from the other side. The white dots are seen from the outside and are light reflecting to provide privacy and solar control benefits. The black dots face inwards and are small enough to avoid significant distraction to the view through the window. Exact registration printing cannot be achieved with standard digital and screen printing technologies. If the dots are not printed with exact registration then the outside window can appear dirty and the inside view becomes distorted/blurred.

Other design options

Non-White on Black dots: the dots on the outside can also be printed in colour including a range of metallics. The result achieves the visual impact of coloured glass from the outside without colouring the view from inside.

Design Printing on Black dots: a design or image can also be printed as an additional layer of dots in exact registration with the black. This creates a remarkable one-way vision effect, enabling stained glass and other designs to be added to the outside of buildings without blocking the view outside.  The choice of colours is important for the image strength and to achieve privacy. Brighter colours will reflect more light on the outside and be more noticeable.

Key product details:

  • used worldwide on building projects for 15 years
  • see-through graphics printed as dot patterns with 40-50% transparency (see below)
  • conforms to safety glazing requirements
  • a range of thicknesses starting at 9.5mm (2x4mm panels)
  • maximum sheet width of 1.5metre
  • 99.5% UV blocking protects against colour fading

How to source

Contra Vision provides its interlayer to a number of glass manufacturers around the world. We also provide help with product specification including advice on how to get the best out of your artwork. Please contact us if you would like help finding a suitable manufacturer.

How to become a supplier

Please contact us if you are a glass manufacturer who is interested in producing laminated glass with a Contra Vision interlayer.